Nvidia Titan V CEO Edition boasts 32 GB of HBM2 for neural nets

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang loves to take the world by surprise with new Titan cards in unexpected places, and yesterday was no different. At the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference running in Salt Lake City, Utah, Huang unveiled the Titan V CEO Edition. This beefed-up Volta card boasts 32 GB of HBM2 memory, a substantial boost from the Titan V's 12 GB of stacked RAM.

That pool of memory suggests the CEO Edition Titan V is using the same Volta package underneath its shroud as the Quadro GV100 launched back in March. Since such a card would have to have its full complement of memory controllers enabled to reach four stacks of HBM2 over a 4096-bit bus, the CEO Edition can likely push 128 ROP pixels per clock, up from the 96 of the initial Titan V and its 3072-bit bus. The larger pool of HBM2 memory is likely to be a boon for deep-learning researchers who have large data sets to crunch but don't need the NVLink interconnect or professional drivers of the Quadro card.

The full Volta V100 GPU. Imagine four SMs lopped off for shipping V100 products

Nvidia gave away 20 of these cards to researchers at the conference and didn't announce general availability, so getting one will apparently require being chosen by Huang himself for the foreseeable future. Indeed, the company says that the 20 recipients at CVPR "won't be the last to be so honored." Nvidia also describes this card as a limited edition, so between the extra cache and cachet, any generally available version is likely to be even pricier than the $3000 the first Titan V commands—somewhere between that figure and the $9000 sticker of the Quadro GV100. We'll keep our eyes peeled for a product page and price tag.



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