Alphacool Eissturm kits take the guesswork out of open-loop liquid-cooling

Open-loop liquid-cooling setups can be pretty intimidating. Having built such a rig myself in the past, I can tell you that you have to be mindful of many factors, and there's a lot at stake if you screw it up. Fortunately, you don't need to build everything from scratch any more. These days, there are vendors who will sell you all kinds of PC open-loop liquid-cooling sets. One such vendor, Alphacool, just launched new kits in the Eissturm series called Blizzard and Tornado. The Eissturm kits solve the hassle of picking parts and get you everything you need to start cooling your CPU in one box.

Alphacool Tornado

These kinds of kits aren't a new idea, but the new Eissturm liquid-cooling kits are based on Alphacool's latest and finest gear. The Tornado seems to be aimed at high-performance builds, so it uses 60-mm-thick radiators and a capacious reservoir. Meanwhile, the Blizzard goes for versatility with standard 45-mm-thick radiators and a compact 5.25"-bay pump-and-reservoir unit. By way of comparison, the existing Hurricane kit is a middle-of-the-road option with a full-size reservoir and multiple pump choices, whereas the Gaming kit has 30-mm radiators and a compact pump-and-reservoir assembly. The waterblock and fittings are mostly common among all of these kits, and each kit is available with different radiator lengths.

Alphacool Blizzard

The company already has all the kits up for order on its site, and from a cursory examination it doesn't look like they cost much more than you would spend buying the parts individually. The head honcho Eissturm Tornado starts at 310€ (or around $301 without VAT), while the Blizzard can be acquired for 290€ (or $281) and up. As for the existing kits, the Hurricane begins at 257€ (about $249), and the more affordable Gaming set will set buyers back 150€ and up ($146).

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