Thermaltake Engine 17 cools 35-W CPUs with 17 mm of stature

We've already seen a few coolers based on Sandia Labs' Air Bearing Heat Exchanger, most notably Thermaltake's Engine 27. That cooler's name is meaningful: it's only 27 mm (just over 1") tall. If you don't have that much room to spare for a CPU cooler, don't worry, as Thermaltake can still hook you up. The company just released the Engine 17 CPU cooler, and yes, it's only 17 mm tall.

Thermaltake Engine 17 low-profile CPU cooler

While these coolers are certainly inspired by the Sandia Labs archetype, they're a lot closer to the design pioneered by Coolchip. A metal air circulator in the center of the cooler acts both as fan and as additional surface area to dissipate heat. This design is significantly safer than the Sandia original, where the whole contraption was a single rotating impeller.

It's difficult to overstate how tiny this cooler is. In Thermaltake's demo images, it's shorter than the RAM on the motherboard. Thermaltake says that due to its minuscule size, the Engine 17 is limited to low-power chips with TDPs of 35 W and below. These days, that's still enough for some pretty serious hardware, like a Ryzen 5 2400GE. The cooler will fit in 1U server chassis and just about any HTPC case, too.

The underside of the Engine 17's impeller

Thermaltake says that the Engine 17 is released and available now, but we couldn't actually find it at e-tail yet. The company didn't tell us how much the cooler would cost, but we reckon it should be a little cheaper than the Engine 27's $46 price

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