Navigate cable clutter with Caavo's Spotlight HDMI cables

From the "why hasn't anyone done this before" department, we bring you Caavo's Spotlight HDMI cables. I know a cable isn't exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but these are pretty neat. Both ends of the cable have a little LED light on them. Press one, and the other one blinks. That way, you can easily see what cable goes to what device without having to lean over and check which display went off when you unplugged it.

These cables fully support HDMI 2.0b and all of its auxiliary functions, like HDMI-CEC, HDMI ARC, and Ethernet over HDMI. The connectors are made from pure copper with 24K gold-plating for corrosion resistance, and the outer mold of the connectors is aluminum. Caavo says that the cord itself is triple-shielded, too. All in all, completely as expected aside from the LED lights.

These HDMI cables were initially a pack-in for Caavo's main product: the Caavo smart media box. Hook up all your media devices to the Caavo, and you can control them using a single remote or voice commands, right down to media selection. It's an intriguing idea for folks who watch a lot of video across a lot of streaming services, so check out The Verge's review if you want to know more.

The fancy cables are available from Caavo's website. You can buy the cords in 3' or 6' lengths (91 or 183 cm). Either size offers your choice of a simple black outer covering or a red-and-white woven cloth sheath. The company is running a limited-time promotion right now where you can pick up the cables at a significant discount if you buy several at once, so if you're interested and have a lot of devices, now could be a good time to buy.

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