V35 ThinQ is LG's take two on a 2018 flagship phone

We talked about LG's G7 ThinQ a couple of months ago, but as Samsung and a couple of others have demonstrated, having one high-end Android handset just isn't enough. LG's new co-flagship is the V35 ThinQ, another Snapdragon 845-powered phone with a large OLED screen, dual rear cameras, and IP68 dust and water intrusion resistance. The V35 loses a little bit of display real estate compared to the G7, but notch-naysayers will appreciate the mostly-rectangular panel.

Like almost every other Android phone in its price class, the V35 carries a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 as its beating heart. That SoC does its cardio by swimming around in a 6-GB pool of memory. Standard V35 models get 64 GB of storage, though some other markets also get access to a V35+ version with 128 GB of flash memory onboard. Users can add microSD cards as large as 2 TB. While on the subject of features that could be taken for granted on high-end phones a few years ago, the V35 gets a headphone jack. LG's spec sheet specifically mentions a heat pipe cooling setup on the SoC, possibly in response to Asus' ROG Phone and its aggressive cooling setup.

The display is a 6" OLED panel with a resolution of 2880x1440. Most gerbils can probably do the math in their heads to figure out the 2:1 (18:9 in marketer-speak) aspect ratio, but probably need to use some computational assistance to figure out the 538 PPI pixel density. The fingerprint sensor lives on the back of the phone in the interest of clearing space on the front for the screen. The company didn't mention the screen's brightness rating, so prospective buyers planning on lots of outdoor use might want to opt for the manufacturer's G7.

Taking in images are a single 8-megapixel 80° front camera with an f/1.9 aperture, plus a pair of 16-MP sensors on the reverse side. One of the rear snappers has a 107° field of view and an f/1.9 aperture, while the other is 71° FOV and an f/1.6 light inlet. The rear cameras can record 4K video at 30 FPS or "HD" slow-motion footage at up to 240 FPS.

The V35 ThinQ measures 5.9 " tall (15.1 cm), 3" wide (7.5 cm), and 0.3" thick (0.73 cm). The phone weighs 5.5 oz, including its 3300-mAh battery. LG didn't make any battery life claims, but CNET says the handset played videos for 15 hours on a single charge in its testing, a couple hours short of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus' movie-watching time. Users can replenish that charge using the USB Type-C connector on the bottom of the phone.

The phone comes with Google Android 8.0 Oreo installed from the factory. LG didn't elaborate on any proprietary software special sauce, but it did mention that Google Lens is part of the deal and that the V35 has a "Super Far Field Voice Recognition" microphone array to make dialogue with Google Assistant more pleasant from distances of up to five meters, "even over noises such as TV and traffic."

LG has a pretty high opinion of the V35 ThinQ, pricing the phone at $900 here in the United States. The phone is available in black or gray finishes through AT&T and Project Fi here in America. The standard warranty lasts one year, but buyers can get a second turn around the sun's worth of coverage by registering with the manufacturer.

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