Mindfactory CPU sales show Coffee Lake couldn't be stopped in June

One way or another, retail processor sales numbers from German retailer Mindfactory make their way onto the internet courtesy of the charting work of reddit user ingebor. Those figures give us a peek into the shape of processor sales in the enthusiast and DIY market. ingebor has compiled those figures for the month of June, and their work shows fascinating trends over the past year and in the past couple of months.

Source: ingebor, via reddit

You'll want to click through to these charts using the source links below each image. Going by the raw number of CPUs sold at Mindfactory in June, Intel's Core i7-8700K continues to be a juggernaut. We can also see that the Ryzen 7 2700X is outselling the non-X Ryzen 7 2700 by a many-to-one ratio, although that ratio doesn't hold when we consider the Ryzen 5 2600X versus the Ryzen 5 2600. The six-core second-gen Ryzen parts appear to sell in roughly equal proportions at Mindfactory. Many first-generation Ryzen CPUs appear to still be moving off store shelves, too, perhaps thanks to discounts and price cuts. Overall, 45% of the CPUs Mindfactory sold in June were made by the red team and 55% by the blue team, down from near-parity in May.

Source: ingebor, via reddit

Looking at Mindfactory's revenues by CPU manufacturer, it's clear that AMD has had to chase an aggressive value-player strategy in the wake of the Coffee Lake launch. Even as raw CPU sales have returned to something approaching parity in the wake of strong i7-8700K sales from broad Coffee Lake availability, the contribution of AMD CPUs to Mindfactory's CPU revenues has shrunken considerably with time. The lucre pulled in from i7-8700K sales alone last month would make for a goodly portion of the revenue contribution of AMD's entire product stack. Compare the fact that AMD accounted for 45% of CPU sales in raw numbers but just 38% of revenues last month versus a much closer proportion of both sales and revenues a year ago.

Source: ingebor, via reddit

ingebor also breaks down CPU unit sales by generation over the past four months. These graphs show a surprisingly strong showing in June for the Summit Ridge silicon that powers first-generation Ryzen CPUs, even in the wake of the superseding Pinnacle Ridge parts. A similar breakdown for revenue shows that Pinnacle Ridge parts are pulling in a rather more lopsided 51% of all AMD CPU revenue versus 30% for Summit Ridge CPUs in the past month. Meanwhile, Coffee Lake CPUs account for an overwhelming majority of unit sales and revenue alike from fans of the blue team.

That massive difference perhaps goes to show just how important the introduction of the Coffee Lake family proved in spurring enthusiasts to upgrade their Intel systems, while AMD buyers can still get relatively similar performance from first- and second-generation Ryzen parts with some judicious overclocking.

Overall, it's clear from Mindfactory's numbers that the i7-8700K was both a necessary response to AMD's Ryzen onslaught and an enduring smash hit among enthusiasts. Even the introduction of Pinnacle Ridge Ryzen CPUs hasn't done much to slow the most-caffeinated Coffee Lake part's roll. It's worth remembering that these numbers are a look at activity from one retailer in one region only, but it's still fascinating to see how the battle between a newly-competitive AMD and a playing-catch-up Intel has run its course over the past year. We can't wait to see the developments this competitive pressure has yet to yield from both companies.

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