Seagate dives back into consumer SSDs with BarraCuda drives

Seagate made a foray into client SSDs five years ago, but its consumer storage products of late have hewn to good old spinning rust in the BarraCuda, BarraCuda Pro, FireCuda, SkyHawk, and IronWolf families. Folks who have long been pining for a consumer Seagate SSD option now have one again in the BarraCuda SSD. This SATA SSD lineup will range from 250 GB to a whopping 2 TB.

The performance of these devices likely won't put them at the apex-predator end of the solid-state spectrum. From what little data Seagate shares, we can expect sequential reads of up to 540 MB/s and sequential writes of up to 520 MB/s, figures that most likely come from the largest models in the series at high queue depths. That performance is in line with popular SATA SSDs using 3D TLC NAND like Samsung's 860 EVO and Crucial's MX500, at least.

Seagate has priced these drives in line with many popular high-performance consumer TLC SSDs, too. The 250-GB model will run $75 on Amazon, the 500-GB drive will demand $120, and the 1-TB bit bucket will sticker at $230. Each of the drives carries a reassuring five-year warranty. Amazon will apparently enjoy a window of exclusivity for these drives starting on Prime Day and running through September, when Seagate says they'll hit general availability.

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