Far Cry 5 gets FreeSync 2 HDR support in latest update

Far Cry 5 has offered HDR support for some time now, and I've certainly enjoyed the blinding highlights and pitch-black shadows its HDR mode provides on my TV. If you have a Radeon graphics card and a compatible monitor or TV, however, Ubisoft has made living the high-dynamic-range life easier with FreeSync 2 HDR support baked into the game's latest update. Flip a switch in the game, and your Radeon display chain should begin delivering low-latency, variable-refresh-rate HDR goodness just as Ubisoft intended.

For those unfamiliar, FreeSync 2 HDR displays communicate critical information about their color-reproduction capabilities and dynamic range directly to the graphics driver, leading to potentially lower latency from reduced processing overhead for color and tone mapping. FreeSync 2 monitors are wide-gamut by design, and they also support AMD's Low Framerate Compensation technology by default. That means gaming at the low end of a FreeSync 2 display's refresh-rate range could be smoother than on a regular old FreeSync display.

Finally, FreeSync 2 claims to seamlessly manage the transition from standard color spaces and dynamic ranges to HDR content so that you don't need to flip Windows' HDR display settings on and off when transitioning between those two worlds. If you have a compatible display chain and want to take advantage of Far Cry 5's new HDR chops, AMD says FreeSync 2 HDR support is rolling out in a free update today.

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