Cooler Master makes gaming mice affordable with its $30 CM310

RGB LEDs have become too popular for any peripheral maker to ignore at any price point, and Cooler Master is bringing an entry-level blinkenlights option to its peripheral range today with the CM310 gaming mouse. This dazzling rodent takes an everything-you-need-and-nothing-you-don't approach to gaming. Its ambidextrous design boasts two thumb buttons, two main buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, and dedicated DPI-switching buttons.

Inside the CM310's rubberized body, an as-yet-undocumented Pixart A3328 optical sensor can step through resolutions ranging from 500 DPI to a nigh-useless 10,000 DPI. Cooler Master does suggest this sensor is capable of tracking under movement speeds as fast as 60 inches per second or acceleration of 20 g.

The RGB LED complement on this mouse illuminates a strip around its profile, the Cooler Master logo on its rump, and the scroll wheel. The company says budding gamers can select from five pre-baked RGB LED lighting effects during the course of their epic wins. The CM310 should be available today for $30 on Amazon and Newegg, though product pages haven't popped up for it just yet.

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