Rumors of the Intel Extreme Editon's death are greatly exaggerated

A Twitter tempest arose yesterday when Intel alumnus François Piednoël heard through the grapevine that Intel was planning to kill off its Extreme Edition branding. The long-running Extreme Edition label has been Intel's special-sauce brand for ultra-high-end CPUs like the Core i9-7980XE and Core i7-6950X, to name just a couple recent examples.

For its part, however, Intel suggests the Extreme Edition brand is here to stay. I asked the company whether it had any plans to retire the moniker, and an Intel spokesperson provided me with the following statement:

There is no change to the branding of the Intel Core Extreme Edition processor and Intel Core X-series processor family.

So there you have it. It seems builders with plenty of money to burn will still be able to seek out the black-and-gold boxes typical of recent Extreme Editions when they go to build their uber-expensive PCs. We'll see if anything actually changes when the next generation of Extreme Edition CPUs comes to market .

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