In the lab: Asus' Lyra Trio mesh Wi-Fi system

My sports analogy game is weak, but I believe what I'm about to do is called going with a pinch hitter. You see, I've had a collection of Asus networking gear undergoing my own brand of torture-testing in my home for a few months now. Before I got around to the Asus Lyra, though, the newer Lyra Trio already hit the market.

Asus was kind enough to supply a Lyra Trio for me to tap in (sports!) for the original Lyra so I can finish up the last quarter of my testing with the latest model and its tweaked feature set. Later this afternoon, I'll be making my entire household really grumpy as I briefly take them offline in order to get the Lyra Trio up and running and start the homestretch of my testing. Stay tuned.

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