Another weekend has come and gone, and things have been hectic as ever around here. We've been working on all sorts of interesting things I can't tell you about just yet. But rest assured, PC hardware is getting better and faster and stuff. We'll have some graphs.

And to use a really bad cliche really badly, it's obvious we've been taking TR to the next level lately. The number of folks who are e-mailing me with business proposals, making inquiries, or threatening litigation has grown dramatically. Thanks to all of you for helping make it possible. Someday, I will even answer those e-mails. Just as soon as I finish my next three articles.

Speaking of litigation threats, I'd like to give a shout out to the guys at Penstar Systems for taking my Friday night tirade in the spirit it was intended. We don't agree on everything about the GeForce4 MX, but I should clarify something. For the right markets, the NV17 chip is a helluva decent product. It'll probably smack a Radeon 7500 silly in both features and benchmark scores, and surely the GeForce4 Go will be the fastest laptop chip around. Nobody's saying the chip doesn't have some considerable merits. Our dispute centers around arcane strategy concerns, marketing and product positioning efforts, and the esoteric differences between an NVIDIA register combiner and a GeForce3 pixel shader.

Just don't tell me I didn't warn you when your $150 video card with gobs of super-fast memory won't run the new DOOM game very well.

Kudos to Dissonance for keeping the TR game servers rolling over the weekend. He's working on figuring out the exact right mix of games and mods to run, and I think he'll find a decent balance.

My favorite candidate for a game server game is Serious Sam 2, which was just released in the U.S. this weekend. You should go pick up a copy ASAP. Serious Sam 2 may be the best looking PC game you can buy, and the gameplay is as sweet as it gets for a first-person shooter. And it's selling for only $14.95 at Best Buy. Run, don't walk (or warez), to get this game. Sam 2 has real DM support as well as co-op mode, and the graphics engine looks even better now. The terrain engine stuff is amazing.

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