Gorilla Glass 6 evolves to withstand more drops

Corning's Gorilla Glass probably sits between you and your smartphone's display panel, and it's evolving into its sixth iteration. The company claims Gorilla Glass 6 is made to withstand two potentially catastrophic events for today's increasingly glassy phones: higher drops and multiple drops. The improved endurance comes from "significantly higher levels of compression" than the old stuff.

To back up its focus on multiple-drop resistance, Corning cites research that showed phone owners drop their devices seven times a year on average, and half of those drops occurred from heights of one meter or less. In Corning's tests, the new Gorilla Glass composition held up to 15 drops on a rough surface before failing—up to twice as many times as the older formulation, apparently.

The company didn't put a specific ceiling on the height from which a Gorilla Glass 6-clad phone could probably survive, but it claimed Gorilla Glass 5 could endure spills from about five feet and three inches (1.6 meters) as much as 80% of the time. Any further improvement to that figure is welcome.

Corning says Gorilla Glass 6 is in the hands of "multiple customers" now, and it expects phones clad with the new composition to hit the market "in the next several months." Bring on a stronger iPhone X, please.

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