Gigabyte and MSI tout firmware support for Intel 9000-series CPUs

A plethora of leaked roadmaps this week suggests that Intel's ninth-generation Core or 9000-series CPUs are on their way sooner rather than later. To add fuel to that fire, motherboard makers are touting firmware updates that offer support for these chips despite the lack of any official acknowledgement by Intel that they even exist yet.

MSI's link to its now-removed article regarding Intel 9000-series CPU support

MSI made an announcement that firmware updates for a number of its Z370 boards would support these upcoming CPUs before pulling its article, and now Gigabyte says that most every one of its Z370, H370, B360, and H310 boards already have firmware updates available to work with the new chips. That's good news for Z370 builders especially, as those boards don't feature the newest chipset silicon that's appeared in H370, B360, and H310 hardware.

The wide range of Gigabyte boards touting compatibility with upcoming Intel CPUs

A quick trip over to the product page for at least one Gigabyte board in the TR labs suggests this support has been baked into the company's firmware for a couple weeks already under the note "Update CPU microcode for upcoming CPU," so Gigabyte really seems to be bringing attention to changes that have already been baked in and sent out. Hopefully we'll learn just what chips those changes are meant to support from the horse's mouth soon. Thanks to TR tipster SH SOTN for pointing out the Gigabyte PR.

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