Lighthouse Day Shortbread

This is my local lighthouse, the creatively named Big Red.

PC hardware and computing

  1. Aorus X7 DT v8 laptop review @ Hexus
  2. Dell G7 15 gaming laptop review @ HotHardware
  3. Zalman Acrux 850W review @ JonnyGuru
  4. Xtrfy H1 Pro Gaming headset review @ KitGuru
  5. Intel Optane SSD 905P 960GB drive review @ Legit Reviews
  6. ID-Cooling Dashflow 360 review @ TechPowerUp
  7. Phanteks Eclipse P350X case review @ ThinkComputers
  8. Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ review @ TFT Central
  9. The ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate motherboard review @ AnandTech

Games, culture, and VR

  1. OpenAI's bots just thrashed some of the world's best Dota players @ Rock Paper Shotgun
  2. Fortnite on Android dodges Google's store @ Quarter To Three
  3. Six more characters headed to Tekken 7 including The Walking Dead's Negan @ Rock Paper Shotgun

Hacks, gadgets and crypto-jinks

  1. The photo lab that flew to the Moon @ HackADay
  2. New Alexa skill plays fake stupid arguments to scare off burglars @ Slashdot
  3. Mouse Trap game used as an actual mouse trap @ HackADay​​​​​​​
  4. Cryptocurrency miners are building their own electricity infrastructure @ Slashdot
  5. Traders are talking up cryptocurrencies, then dumping them, costing others millions @ Slashdot (I'm shocked, shocked!)

Science, technology, and space news

  1. GMO poplar trees engineered to not escape into the wild @ New Atlas (so, no frog DNA?)
  2. After seven difficult years, a fine day for NASA and human spaceflight @ Ars Technica
  3. ​​​​​​​Children learn best when their bodies are engaged in the living world. We must resist the ideology of screen-based learning @ Slashdot (that's one mouthful of a headline)

Cheese, memes, and shiny things

  1. Logitech G560 Review: 2.1 RGB gaming speakers @ PC Perspective
  2. Deepcool Gamer Storm Castle 240 RGB review @ bit-tech
  3. Corsair SPEC Omega RGB review @ Guru3D
  4. Q&A with the cheese carving champion at the Wisconsin Valley Fair @
Colton Westrate

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    • Shobai
    • 1 year ago

    [quote<]OpenAI's bots just thrashed some of the world's best Dota players @ Rock Paper Shotgun[/quote<] Well, at least sensationalism is alive and well in journalism.

    • nico1982
    • 1 year ago

    [quote<]Cryptocurrency miners are building their own electricity infrastructure @ Slashdot[/quote<] If only they would build their own GPUs...

      • willmore
      • 1 year ago

      Isn’t there a huge market of ASICs just for crypto currency mining? So, yeah, they did.

    • Fonbu
    • 1 year ago

    “Fortnite on Android dodges Google’s store ”

    This could potentially lead to more nefariously modified links, and many more Android malware installs. At least in the app store, it could be more effectively verified! But cash is king.

      • willmore
      • 1 year ago

      Yeah, I see this leading to a whole new huge wave of malware as people turn of “trusted sources” in their settings and millions of devices start installing all kinds of crap. Thanks to one publishers greed.

        • cheesyking
        • 1 year ago

        Don’t know if they require android 8 (as I’ll never be playing this game) but the untrusted sources thing has change in 8.

        AFAIK you now grant an individual apk installation permissions rather than all random apks from anywhere as you did before when you selected untrusted sources. I’ll grant that the new system feels a little like they’ve just enabled untrusted sources by default but that’s how new android works.

        As for greed… I think that cuts both ways on these app stores. 30% might be fine on very cheap apps or apps with very low volumes of installs but it seems a bit steep on something as big and expensive as a high end game.

      • derFunkenstein
      • 1 year ago

      It’s gonna be brutal.

    • uni-mitation
    • 1 year ago

    [quote<] Traders are talking up cryptocurrencies, then dumping them, costing others millions @ Slashdot (I'm shocked, shocked!) [/quote<] And water is a liquid. uni-mitation

      • blastdoor
      • 1 year ago

      The hedge fund sharks must love the crypto market — lots of highly exploitable people there, I’m suee

      • NovusBogus
      • 1 year ago

      For all its attempts to be different, cryptocurrency is becoming more and more like the traditional finance industry.

        • uni-mitation
        • 1 year ago

        In my opinion,

        1- The price of bitcoin and the rest of its ilk is worth exactly $0.00.

        2- Never got on the hype; I have come to believe given the actions of central banks, and other financial crises that gold is the only reliable hedge against governments and their loose monetary policy.


        • blastdoor
        • 1 year ago

        That’s not fair to the finance industry. Most things traded have some intrinsic value; most things traded are not used primarily by organized crime and North Korea.

      • alloyD
      • 1 year ago

      Except when it’s not…

      • anotherengineer
      • 1 year ago

      Water is a solid for 6 months of the year up in these parts.

        • JustAnEngineer
        • 1 year ago

        Bless your heart.

        This time of year, way too much of the water in this part of the world is vapor.
        [url<][/url<] With a dew point of 77 °F (26 °C) and outside temperature of 99 °F (37 °C), there's 21.4 grams of water for every kilogram of air. That's sticky.

    • Srsly_Bro
    • 1 year ago

    @ cheese article, Wausau is my favorite city in the state.

      • Bobs_Your_Uncle
      • 1 year ago

      So, as far as the local Cheese Heads are concerned is it [b<][i<][u<]Wha -Saw[/u<][/i<][/b<] or is it [b<][i<][u<]War -Sore[/u<][/i<][/b<]? (Or perhaps even influenced by some other more localized dialect; kind of like ... [b<][i<][u<]Say Yah Too Da U.P. ... Eh[/u<]?[/i<])[/b<]

        • Srsly_Bro
        • 1 year ago

        Waw-saw is how the locals say it.

        I’ve been to the UP once. The Yoopers were pretty nice. I have blonde hair and blue eyes so I fit in the area we were in. The up reminds me a lot of the pnw.

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