Intel shows off its Xeon roadmap through 2020

Intel is holding its Data-Centric Innovation Summit at its headquarters in Santa Clara, CA today, and the company took the opportunity to talk about its plans for its future server processors at the event.

This year, the company will be launching Cascade Lake Xeon Scalable processors. The Cascade Lake microarchitecture will include a new integrated memory controller with support for Intel's Optane Persistent Memory DIMMs and a new instruction set extension called DLBoost that tailors the AVX-512 instruction set for certain deep learning operations. The architecture will also have hardware-level mitigations for the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.

Cooper Lake will follow Cascade Lake in 2019 with a new platform that will also be shared with Intel's first 10-nm server architecture, called Ice Lake. Cooper Lake will still be built on a revision of Intel's 14-nm process technology, but it'll include support for the bfloat16 floating-point number format that's useful for AI-related workloads. Ice Lake will follow Cooper Lake in 2020, but aside from the new platform details, Intel didn't have any further information to share about the microarchitecture today.

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