Intel NUCs with Cannon Lake inside pop up at SimplyNUC

Intel's Core i3-8121U is the one and only Cannon Lake CPU to exit the company's foundries so far, and its implementation in actual products has been confined to a single Chinese-market Lenovo laptop. That could change soon with the NUC8i3CYSM and NUC8i3CYSN, two NUCs widely referred to as "Crimson Canyon" in rumors and leaks.

According to new product listings from SimplyNUC, the NUC8i3CYSN will come with 4 GB of soldered-down LPDDR4-2666 memory in a dual-channel configuration, while the NUC8i3CYSM will bump the memory to 8 GB. The systems are otherwise identically configured around a Core i3-8121U CPU.

Since Cannon Lake doesn't include an active integrated graphics processor, the Crimson Canyon NUCs will rely on a Radeon 540 discrete graphics processor with 2 GB of its own GDDR5 RAM. SimplyNUC will include a 1-TB mechanical hard drive with both NUCs in their base configurations. That drive occupies the NUCs' sole SATA 6 Gbps port. Builders and reviewers who want to make an expedition to Cannon Lake will also find an M.2 2280 slot for SATA or NVMe gumsticks.

On the outside, the NUCs have two HDMI 2.0b ports capable of driving two 4K displays at 60 Hz. The systems have two USB 3.0 Type-A ports on their front panels and two more of those ports around back. Intel includes a Gigabit Ethernet jack driven by one of its own i219V controllers, as well. A UHS-I SD card reader and an integrated headphone-microphone jack round out the systems' connectivity options.

SimplyNUC will sell the base NUC8i3CYSM for $574 with the aforementioned 1-TB hard drive and Windows 10 Home included, while the NUC8i3CYSN will run $529 with that same configuration. The company estimates the NUC8i3CYSM will ship in mid-September, while the lower-end NUC8i3CYSN will begin shipping in late October.

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