Cryorig doubles the fun with its M9 Plus and H7 Plus coolers

Cryorig has a full line of CPU coolers ready to transport heat away from the chips beneath, and its H7 Plus and M9 Plus promise to be even more capable at that job than the existing H7 and M9 heatsinks. Cryorig is powering up these towers by offering them in dual-fan, push-pull configurations for higher cooling performance out of the box.

Cryorig H7 Plus

The H7 Plus is a compact tower with three six-millimeter copper heatpipes running through its 145-mm stature. Cryorig outfits it with two of its QF120 120-mm fans with PWM control and a claimed 330 RPM–1600 RPM range. The fans and tower are designed to avoid coming into contact with RAM slots close to the CPU, too.

Cryorig M9 Plus

The M9 Plus is even more compact than the H7, at 125 mm tall. Like its taller counterpart, the M9 Plus has three six-millimeter heatpipes running through its fin stack. The M9 Plus relies on a pair of 92-mm PWM fans with a 600 RPM–2200 RPM range.

Both coolers include a PWM splitter to make controlling their dual fans simpler. They both use Cryorig's "Hive Fin" design, which purports to allow for better airflow through the fin stack. Cryorig suggests the H7 Plus can dissipate up to 150 W of thermal load, while the M9 is rated for 130 W.

Cryorig says both coolers will arrive in mid-August at $44.45 for the H7 Plus and $24.45 for the M9 Plus. Switch that dollar sign for a euro symbol and you have both coolers' suggested prices for the Eurozone, including VAT.

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