Enermax spices up Liqtech TR4 II coolers with addressable RGB LEDs

Enermax's Liqtech TR4 closed-loop liquid cooler is one of a handful of Threadripper-specific heatsink options on the market. Thanks to its full-coverage cold plate, the Liqtech TR4 has the potential to cool AMD's high-end desktop parts better than the average liquid cooler. Now, Enermax is spiffing up the Liqtech TR4 with addressable RGB LED lighting encircling its pump head. That update means a new name for the series: Liqtech TR4 II.

The addressable RGB LEDs on the Liqtech TR4 II can be controlled from a digital RGB LED header on compatible motherboards or with Enermax's included RGB LED controller. The company says its blinkenlights brain can cycle through 10 pre-set effects, as well as a range of colors, brightness levels, and speeds. Inside the pump head, Enermax touts the Liqtech TR4 II's "shunt channel technology" (notches in the the cold plate's microfin array that prevent hot spots from forming), as well as its claimed flow rate of 450 liters per hour.

The Liqtech TR4 II will come in 240-mm, 280-mm, and 360-mm flavors, all of which come with PWM-controlled fans promising a 500 RPM–1500 RPM speed range and static pressure as high as 6.28 mm of H2O (in the case of the 120-mm units) and 4.8 mm H2O (for the 140-mm spinners). The 360-mm version is already on Newegg for $159.99, so folks who need a capable cooler to go with their brand-new Threadripper 2990WXes may want to give it a look.

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