Nvidia unveils raytracing-focused Quadro RTX GPU family

At Nvidia's SIGGRAPH event this evening, CEO Jensen Huang introduced "the world's first ray-tracing GPU," the Quadro RTX. This family of graphics processors offers up to "10 gigarays per second," 16 TFLOPS of single-precision performance, and "500 trillion tensor ops per second," all courtesy of the Turing microarchitecture.

The first Turing GPU is a 754 mm² monster that comprises a traditional shader array, Nvidia tensor cores, and a new processing resource called the "RT core."

Huang said the chip can address as much as 48 GB of frame buffer, and two Quadro RTX cards with this chip can combine resources to create a 96-GB pool of coherent memory using NVLink. The Quadro RTX product Huang was showing appears to have a 384-bit interface to GDDR6 memory running at 14 Gbps for a total of 672 GB/s of memory bandwidth.


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