Nvidia teases potential GeForce RTX 2080 launch at Gamescom

Hot on the heels of CEO Jensen Huang's Quadro RTX announcement last night, Nvidia released a teaser video for its upcoming festivities at the Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany. That video contains a number of winks and nods to the fact that next-generation GeForce cards are coming, as spotted by PCWorld's Brad Chacos on Twitter.

Along with gauzy shots of what looks like a finned, open-style graphics cooler and a stylized backplate that looks like it could have come off any recent Founders Edition card, the video depicts gamers building and gearing up with Nvidia hardware.

The first tip-offs that new hardware might be revealed at Gamescom come from shots of our GeForce gamers chatting. One of the chatters' handles is "RoyTeX," whose capitalization almost certainly alludes to the RTX branding introduced last night on the Quadro RTX series of graphics cards.

RoyTeX also chats with fellow gamer "Not_11." 

Another group of chatters includes "Mac-20" and "Eight Tee." If Nvidia was laying it on any thicker here, it could star in a Gamers Nexus thermal-paste-application-testing article.

Even the soundtrack to this teaser is suggestive: it's a version of Sam and Dave's "Hold On, I'm Comin'", which would seem as clear a sign as anything that something is indeed going to be revealed or launched at the show.

The final tip-off comes at the end of the video, where the numbers 2-0-8-0 scroll up in order to form the date of Nvidia's announcement: August 20. We'll be watching for more details as they arise.

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