Linux gets OpenGL—in a big way

We already knew SGI and NVIDIA were getting cozy, but now VA Linux joins the happy couple to make a little Linux action. The three companies have announced a project to bring OpenGL to the Linux platform. From the announcement:
The triad's unique technology will bring to Linux desktops many of the capabilities typically associated with UNIX® systems. This technology will enable Linux systems to process rich graphics as fast, or faster, than their Microsoft® Windows®-based counterparts. The solution leverages SGI's extensive 3D graphics and OpenGL expertise, VA Linux Systems' 2D graphics and multi-monitor work and NVIDIA's proven 3D graphics hardware and software architectures. The resulting NVIDIA-based desktops will be the first to provide hardware 3D transform and lighting, hardware 2D and video acceleration, video overlay, multi-monitor capability and full native OpenGL conformance under Linux.
Given the credentials of the firms involved, this one is almost certainly going to be very well done, and it puts into place another piece of SGI's OS strategy (which seems to be: can Windows, run to Unix/Linux). At this rate, Linux will quite likely be the 3D workstation/development platform of choice in a year or so.
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