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Abit was kind (and brave) enough to send out a GeForce4 MX card for us to review. This Siluro card is based on the GeForce4 MX 440, which is not the much-maligned, high-end version of NV17 (that's the MX 460). The card is purty:

Abit has elected not to use the cooler designs or BGA memory from NVIDIA's reference design, which fine for an MX 440 card. We'll have a full review when the time comes, but I can already tell you this card is very fast at DX7 games¬ólocked in at 90fps with "cg_drawfps 1" in Quake III at 1024x768x32 with everything turned up, including trilinear, aniso, and 2X AA. It won't run next-gen games as well as a GeForce3, but MX 440 cards are already selling for under $110 on Pricewatch, or about $30 less than a GF3 Ti 200.

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