Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse lets elite gamers cut the cord

If you're an elite esports player and your mouse isn't serving you well, Logitech might have an upgrade just for you. The company says its G Pro Wireless gaming mouse is the product of consultations with "more than 50" esports pros worldwide, and its wireless chops have been proven in battle. The company says players have been using the G Pro Wireless in competitions for months.

The G Pro itself has everything players need and nothing they don't. It's an ambidextrous design with back and forward buttons on both sides, plus two main buttons and a clickable scroll wheel. It weighs just 80 grams to minimize inertia as gamers fling it across a mouse pad. Despite that feathery weight, this mouse still has all the gear required to transmit wirelessly and charge continuously using Logitech's PowerPlay system.

Logitech's new HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) 16K sensor is the eye of this rodent. It promises a 100 DPI–16,000 DPI sensitivity range and one-to-one tracking across that entire range, and it can maintain those characteristics at speeds of up to 400 inches per second. Logitech will also be adding the HERO 16K sensor and a new low-friction cable design to its existing G Pro wired mouse.

The G Pro Wireless wouldn't be complete without RGB LED lighting, and Logitech illuminated its logo with one of those 16.7-million-color diodes so gamers can make it their own. The G Pro Wireless also supports Logitech's Lightsync RGB technology to march in step with other RGB LED-illuminated peripherals.

The G Pro Wireless will be available this month for $149.99, and gamers can pre-order it today at Logitech's website.

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