Corsair could dive into custom loops with Hydro X products

Corsair's brand has become synonymous with closed-loop liquid coolers of all shapes and sizes, but the company could be getting ready to embrace builders of custom loops, too. On its Twitter account yesterday, the company teased the existence of a Hydro X series of products, marked by what appear to be two liquid-cooling hard lines filled with coolant.

The Hydro X series could be the product of liquid-cooling industry expertise coming under Corsair's roof. In December, TechPowerUp reported that now-former EK Waterblocks CEO Mark Tanko and CTO Niko Tivadar had joined Corsair in high-level roles. While the site didn't obtain any information on what Tanko and Tivadar would be doing at the company, it seems only natural that they'd be working on some kind of custom liquid cooling product under Corsair's flag.

Corsair says the Hydro X series is coming soon, so we might not have to wait long to find out just what the story is.

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