AMD Computing and Graphics veep Jim Anderson departs

Jim Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of AMD's Computing and Graphics group, is leaving the company. Anderson is perhaps best known for his work shepherding the well-received Ryzen Threadripper family of high-end desktop CPUs to the market, but he was also responsible for overseeing execution of the company's Ryzen CPU product stack and beyond.

Anderson will be taking over the CEO chair at Lattice Semiconductor starting September 4. In its own words, Lattice Semiconductor "is a leader in smart connectivity solutions at the network edge, where the 'things' of IoT live. Our low power FPGA and video [application-specific standard part] products deliver edge intelligence, edge connectivity, and control solutions to the industrial, consumer, communications, compute, and automotive markets."

To date, Anderson's career spanned many years at LSI Corporation before it was acquired by Avago Technologies. In turn, Anderson followed Avago to Broadcom when that conglomerate acquired the smaller firm. Anderson then helped to shepherd the sale of Avago's Axxia network-processor business to Intel and helped situate Axxia under Intel's umbrella before he joined AMD in June 2015.

Just over two years later, AMD's Computing and Graphics business would launch the Ryzen CPU family that has played a large role in turning AMD's fortunes around, including Ryzen Threadripper parts. Anderson often said that Ryzen Threadrippers were his favorite product. Anderson leaves behind a successful legacy at AMD, and we're curious to see where he'll take Lattice Semiconductor next.

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