news apple announces special event for september 12

Apple announces special event for September 12

Apple typically announces new iPhone hardware in the fall, and it appears that fact will be as constant as the seasons themselves. Members of the press have received an invitation to the company's headquarters in Cupertino, CA for a September 12 presentation that will presumably cover new iOS hardware.

The well-sourced reporters at Bloomberg suggest that the company will be bringing the edge-to-edge screen design (and possibly the dreaded notch) of the iPhone X to three new iPhone models, including a new high-end model with a 6.5″ OLED screen, an updated iPhone X-type device, and a lower-end model that keeps the nearly-all-screen design but uses an LCD panel and an aluminum band around its edges to reduce costs.

Bloomberg also claims all three phones will use the home-button-free gesture interface introduced by the iPhone X. Of course, improvements to the camera and SoC inside the devices could also be on the menu. We'll find out for certain in a couple of weeks.

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  1. iMac was gimmicky at the time and still fell short of the competition in terms of sales and market share. It was just another round of Apple being a mediocre PC computer vendor with a cult following that was persistent since early 1990s.

    Their fortunes changed when their iGadgets took off and being ahead of the mainstream portable platform curve (Laptops, Ultra-Portables and DTRs). Their classical desktop and workstation line became more marginalized over time.

    Just look at the current inventory of Apple stores and etailter. It speaks volumes on their current focus.

  2. [quote<]The iMac didn't save Apple. It just prolong their state of mediocrity [/quote<] At the time of its release the iMac was a monumental product. [url=<]It is well known that it saved Apple[/url<] and heralded in the beginnings of the Apple we know and love today. [quote<]They have almost no economic incentive to go back.[/quote<] And yet they are.

  3. The iMac didn’t save Apple. It just prolong their state of mediocrity with a cult following since the 1990s. What saved them and turned them into the mighty juggernaut today was seizing the iGadget market before other big players could. They also made the transition into portable platforms being the next big in mainstream market before any of the other major players.

    Apple doesn’t care about the high-end PC market anymore. The lackluster response of the last Mac Pro (Trash Can chassis) pretty much sealed it. Outside of contractual obligations to certain content creation studios. They have almost no economic incentive to go back.

  4. At the moment we don’t have any idea what the new Mac Pro will look like.

    The original iMac saved Apple.

    Neither you nor I know what the revenue numbers are for Mac desktops. As an aside, total Mac unit sales have Increased substantially over the past decade. I’m guess that Mac desktop sales/revenue numbers increased during that timeframe:

    [url<][/url<] What we do know is that you really know how to talk out of your ass.

  5. It will end-up a being refresh of current iMac Pros (Really just an iMac with some balls).

    Apple has been quietly moving away from desktop form factors and actual workstations for the last decade. They never been big money for almost 20 years and they almost killed the company during its bleakest years.

    Outside of die-hard macolytes, nobody got any of the Mac Pros or desktop-based units.

  6. Apple already announced that a new Mac Pro is coming in 2019:


  7. I just want an updated Mac Mini with an 8th gen i5. A Xeon Mobile with ECC would be cool, but not necessary.

    I’ve fully embraced the cloud and servers, so I don’t need a super powerful desktop anymore.

  8. “AMD’s Threadripper is basically a dual-socket (2950x) or quad-socket (2990wx) system, with NUMA-issues included. ”

    This is a fairly informed forum so we can differentiate between sockets, cores, NUMA etc, so TR is single socket, period.
    I wonder how many users who really need a high end multi-socket workstation have stuck with Apple as they are so far behind the curve?
    Considering the looooooong wait for a new Mac Pro it will be interesting to see what they come up with. No pressure!
    On the one hand a single socket 20+ core system doesn’t have the NUMA issue but it might seem too little too late due to the iMac Pro supporting up to 18C.
    But professionals who really need high end may well have bought a top end iMac Pro as a stop gap and will then jump on a 2S system if that is what it is.

  9. It definitely won’t happen at the September 12th event.

    But Apple *has* very clearly said that there will be a new high performance, high bandwidth Mac Pro — it’s just not coming out this year (presumably it will come out next year).

  10. Not likely going to happen.

    Apple has been moving away from desktop/workstation PCs ever since iGadgets became breadwinners.

  11. Well said 🙂

    As for me, I’m done waiting. Threadripper plus Linux for me. I’m just trying to figure out which ‘ripper to go for — 1950x, 2950x, or 2990wx. My heart was set on the 32 core guy but the effects of the weird memory access on my workloads is unclear and I’m hesitant to pay so much more for just 36% more performance (which I think is probably the worst case scenario for my work).

    So now I’m unsure if I should go with 1950x or 2950x.

  12. Yup, agree with what you have said, though I suspect Apple will be choosing a couple Xeon Silvers.

  13. AMD’s Threadripper is [b<]basically[/b<] a dual-socket (2950x) or quad-socket (2990wx) system, with NUMA-issues included. That's really the secret behind AMD's methodology. Meanwhile, over in Intel world, its more price/performance efficient to get dual-Xeons instead of a 24-core Xeon Platinum / XCC die however. An iMac Pro is a LCC 18-core Xeon. Impressive for a single-socket, but it would still be way slower than 2x 12-core Xeon Silver or 2x 20-core Xeon Golds. In any case, [url=<]2x12-core Xeon 4116 Silvers[/url<] is a better deal for most people rather than a [url=<]1x24 Xeon Platinum[/url<]. Something like 2x Xeon Gold or 2x Xeon Silver, hitting ~24 Intel Cores (low end Mac Pro) to 48+ cores (higher-end Mac Pro with Xeon Gold), or 56 cores (2x Xeon Platinum for lulz-costs) would demonstrate Intel's platform quite well. ---------- EDIT: But yeah, I'm basically saying something on the same order of "strength" as a 2950x Threadripper. It seems unlikely that Apple would use AMD, so its far more likely to see Dual-Xeon Silver or Dual Xeon-gold. The XCC (24-core to 28-core) Intel chips are a bad deal IMO. They're too big, Intel's yields must be bad or something cause they cost way too much money. But building something comparable to Threadripper out of Xeon Silvers or Xeon Golds leads to a reasonable price actually.

  14. I get the feeling. I don’t particularly /need/ a massively multicore, massive RAM, ECC, somewhat specially cooled Unix-like sledgehammer tomorrow, but…It’s somehow nice to know one still exists. And it’s particularly nice to see Apple pushing the high end with lots of development work, despite macs being so much less revenue than the iPhone.

  15. Yeah I think that’s their trap too. They waited too long to just do what everyone wants – a case with plenty of airflow and expandability – so they’re overthinking it now. It’s going to be some unicorn powered floating jellyfish with thunderbolt tentacles because releasing a standard, slightly shrunk cheese-grater case would be like, why did this take 5 years.

  16. I’ve been wondering how the Mac Pro will differentiate from the iMac Pro on the GPU side. Assuming it’s a single GPU system, after they admitted not enough apps were using the dual GPUs in the trashcan. Navi is reportedly a midrange part, more Vega 64++ than something well above it, and Nvidia and Apple are a no-go.

    Speaking of, also wondering if Apple sits out RTX because of that last.

  17. With the advent of HEDT giving up to 32 core on a single socket the paradigm has dramatically shifted so dual socket is nostalgia now in general.

  18. I mean, it’s context. The article didn’t even mention iOS 12, just the new models. You gotta get out of the server room trenches 😉

  19. [quote<]you cannot distort it.[/quote<] I never claimed to be an Apple shill now did I?

  20. Previous Mac Pro models were dual-Xeon based, so the relatively high end single-Xeon iMac Pro is still a step down from where the Mac Pro traditionally sat.

    There’s a strong argument that Apple may not want to cater to the highest-end of the market with a dual-Xeon product. But that’s kinda sad, even if I don’t necessarily buy Apple equipment. Its always nice to see a big company push the boundaries of computing. And we all know that Apple can afford it, if only for bragging rights.

  21. Ah, okay – I’d interpreted it as to do with the release of iOS 12 that will accompany this event and the new models. Sysadmin, so kill off = end of patching != end of sale.

  22. Looks like leaked promo material from both the iPhone XS and Apple Watch series 4 are out on 9to5mac, not renders.

    Hard to tell if the Watch is slimmer or it’s just the best angle, also hard to tell where the bezels are.

  23. I think by ‘kill off’, he means stop selling. Right now Apple still sells new, every model that’s come out since the 6S. They currently sell 8 iphone models, the SE, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, and X. So I think he meant to stop selling 6S(+) and 7(+) models. I think they might drop the SE too if they don’t update it.

    edit: ninja’d by blastdoor

  24. Nope, it’s planned that iOS 12 will support all the devices that 11.4 does, no iOS device EOL next month, yay.

    macOS 10.14, though, is coming real soon now and will drop support for a good number of Mac models, which will get 2 more years running 10.13 … there’s also going to be (in the same time window) a bunch of Mac models which end on 10.11 so will reach EOL.

  25. I’m curious to see if they kill off more than the unusual number of older models. Recent patterns suggest that they would end the 6s and then move the X, 8, and 7 one notch down in the pricing lineup. But it sounds like the existing X will not be kept around, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the 7 gets dropped, too.

    I just hope the 8+ is still available to buy because that might be the one I go after. Dual camera, good size screen, super fast SOC, wireless charging, and touchID. I think that’s a pretty compelling phone. I’m happy to be proven wrong, but I’m doubting that any of the new models will seem worth the price premium relative to the 8+.

  26. I think they already said that won’t happen this year back when they introduced the iMac Pro.

    I suspect it’s taking them a long time to figure out how to make a case with the same functionality of the good old aluminum cheese grater without looking like the old aluminum cheese grater.

    It’s so dumb…. the aluminum cheese grater was the perfect design for a truly high end desktop. They should have just stuck with it and kept updating. But nooooo…..

  27. It’s not “swipe up just a little,” it’s “Swipe up from the left/diagonally to the edge of the screen.”

    (UP and stop halfway works. But the diagonal swipe works better and more consistently)

  28. Yes! I’ll second that. It has been far too long since Mac user have had a real Mac Pro. It’ll be nine years by my count.

  29. I don’t care much for the iPhone. But I’d like to see some news on a renewed Mac Pro, ideally a [b<]real[/b<] high-end one with top-of-the-line equipment. Something comparable to Threadripper or maybe a dual-Xeon Silver or dual-Xeon Gold.

  30. I hate the edge-to-edge screens. It’s hard enough swiping from the side with the case with current bezels. I’d imagine it is horrid with an no bezel. Not for me!

  31. They really oughta charge royalties for using the term and pass the savings onto… customers.


    Who am I kidding, they’ll pass the savings onto themselves.

  32. It’s not “swipe up just a little,” it’s swipe up and stop. And you no longer have to press and hold an app tile in the multitasking view to close it in iOS 12.

  33. Ugh…that’s what I’m worried about. I’m on a 6S right now and due for an upgrade soon. Swiping has only gotten worse on iOS (IMO). Too many cases where swiping in the same direction can have different results depending on minute details.

    And it seems like Apple aren’t going to reintroduce a headphone jack, and that has me annoyed as well.

  34. OK, Ngreedia, grab a seat and watch how the pros sell a product for over $1000 that’s not just going to be somewhat behind the curve in 2 years, but is practically begging to be broken and replaced in 2 years.

  35. I don’t really dig all of the gestures that an iPhone X has, and I would be sad to see it spread without some refinements. The multitasking gesture is the least-obvious thing on earth. Swipe up to get to the home screen but swipe up just a little to get to the list of apps.

    Doing that isn’t super intuitive. And it gets worse: you can’t swipe up on an app in that view to kill it anymore. Instead, you have to press/hold an app to get the red delete symbol. Killing an app just takes too long.

    On my iPhone 6s Plus it was so easy. Double-press home, swipe up, boom. That’s the fastest way to kill the audio from the music app and get rid of the playback controls on the lock screen at the same time.

  36. Yay, I’ve been waiting a while. Jumping back on the iOS/iPhone bandwagon. I think my Pixel 2 XL is a great phone, and will continue to use it for things, but Android just doesn’t have anything over iOS for me these days, and in my personal opinion the iPhone (X or the “new X”) is just a better device than any Pixel phone overall.