MyDigitalSSD BPX Pro drives promise cutting-edge NVMe performance

MyDigitalSSD has made a name for itself as a purveyor of high-performance solid-state drives at low prices, and its latest BPX Pro SSDs could continue the trend. These NVMe gumsticks use Phison's E12 controller paired with Toshiba's BiCS3 3D NAND flash memory. Other sites, including Anandtech, have already had access to Phison reference SSD designs using that particular combo, and the results are encouraging.

MyDigitalSSD specs the BPX Pro for 3400 MB/s sequential reads and 3100 MB/s sequential writes, although it only describes random I/O performance as "blistering." For what it's worth, the aforementioned Phison reference design boasts of 600K IOPS for both random read and write performance. All of these numbers likely come by way of high queue depths like QD32 that are atypical of the QD1–QD4 range typical of client workloads, however, so real-world performance will need to be characterized at those figures to really judge the BPX Pro's mettle.

If the BPX Pro's performance is solid, the biggest question will be whether MyDigitalSSD can deliver on the value front. The company prices the 240-GB BPX Pro at $99.99, the 480-GB version at $149.99, the 960-GB model at $279.99, and a 1.92-TB model at $599.99. All of the drives come with five-year warranties, and the company rates endurance at "up to 3,115 terabytes written."

Those prices generally match or undercut Samsung's popular 970 EVO by wide margins at higher capacities, even with the way the discount winds are blowing right now, so if the BPX Pro delivers on its performance promises, MyDigitalSSD could have a value winner on its hands. The company didn't say when to expect the drive on store shelves, but it says independent reviews will appear "in the coming weeks." A product page for the 480-GB drive is already up on Amazon, so intrepid pre-order buyers should be able to get in line soon.

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