Logitech lets iPad users everywhere get their hands on its Crayon

Apple's capable Pencil should have put that Steve Jobs line about styluses to bed long ago, but its $100 price tag and curious charging design have drawn questions about its sharpness.

Logitech's Crayon is the first aftermarket writing instrument that works with Apple's iPads, and it doesn't awkwardly protrude from Lightning connectors when it's charging, but it has so far been available to educational customers only.

Today, though, members of the general public looking for a more affordable stylus to go with their pen-friendly iPads can get their hands on a Crayon of their own. Logitech will be selling its stylus for $70 through its website,  Apple's online store, and physical Apple stores this month, and it'll be available everywhere else in October.

Logitech specifically notes that the Crayon only works with the sixth-generation iPad, but it doesn't seem like there's any technical reason it shouldn't work with iPad Pros, as well. Still, we'd tread carefully if you're looking to save $30 on a stylus to go with an iPad Pro.

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