Friday night topic: what are you snobbish about?

We all have that one thing, or maybe even several things, that we're insufferable about. "It's just coffee!" an exasperated spouse might say in response to your attempts to roast your beans at home, or maybe your friends can't understand why you're dragging them to your favorite microbrewery when a few pints of Bud Light would do just fine.

Perhaps you're helping out a reticent PC builder who won't spend more on a high-quality CPU heatsink that won't sound like a helicopter taking off. "It's just $10!", they might say, without accounting for the costs of the aural hell they're about to unleash from their computer for years to come.

Thing is, those people are wrong, and it's the solemn, unyielding duty of us snobs to save them from their ignorance.

OK, I'm not actually haranguing random people about their bad choices in office furniture (you really want to spend $1000 on a high-quality chair that'll last you ten years or more rather than $100 on one that won't last six months, by the way). I also understand that some people are perfectly content with the choice between red or white wine when a Sonoma County Pinot Noir is just a few lines down on the menu, even if I don't understand why they're not willing to splurge a little bit on what will objectively be a more enjoyable experience in the glass.

For all that, I know to keep my obsessions and consequent knowledge of The Way Things Ought To Be to myself unless people specifically ask for my opinion—at least, most of the time.

So what brings out your snobbish tendencies the most? What do the people in your life know to ask—or maybe not ask—you about, so that you can enlighten them with the firehose of your enthusiasm? What are the things you deeply plumb to arrive at the one true way of doing them, perhaps to the exclusion of financial or rational sense? Let us know in the comments below.

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