HyperX outfits its Alloy FPS RGB keyboard with all of the lights

We deemed HyperX's Alloy FPS keyboard worthy of a TR Recommended award when we reviewed it thanks to its solid steel frame and fat-free bezels. Now, the company has a version of the board that lets lighting aficionados have their fun. The Alloy FPS RGB offers per-key blinkenlighting in any of 16.7 million colors.

Although the original Alloy FPS offered Cherry MX switches in all the usual flavors, the Alloy FPS RGB turns to Kailh for its clickers. The Speed Silver switches under this board's key caps are linear affairs with a 1.1-mm actuation distance and 3.5 mm of total travel. They also have an actuation force of just 40 cN.

Those specs mean Kailh's gamer-friendly switches have even slightly less actuation distance than the 1.2-mm point of Cherry's MX Speed clickers, as well as a 5-cN reduction in actuation force. That might mean the Alloy FPS RGB will require a bit of an adjustment period for typists, but gamers could instantly fall in love with its feathery touch and instant responsiveness.

HyperX also outfits the Alloy FPS RGB with a USB device-charging port, as well as onboard memory for three profiles that can be customized through the company's nGenuity software. Best of all, the board is reasonably priced for a full-size RGB LED affair, at just $109.99. Look for this board on store shelves soon.

Tip: You can use the A/Z keys to walk threads.
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