Intel Optane SSD 905P family gets bigger and bolder

We're no strangers around here to Intel's Optane range of devices, and the SSD 905P series clan just got bigger, in both senses of the word. The boys in blue are talking up capacious new takes on Optane SSD 905P devices in both add-in card and U.2 form factors.

Folks with a craving for the lowest storage latencies this side of an enterprise server can get their fix by way of an Optane 905P 1.5-TB add-in card. The new version sports the same black trim with LED illumination as its 960-GB sibling. Meanwhile, the black-and-boxy U.2 side of the family now counts 960-GB and 1.5-TB drives among its members.

As an answer for those wondering why would they need these, the Optane SSD 905 can do up to 575K random read IOPS and 550K write IOPS. Almost as importantly, according to Intel, I/O latency should be under 11 microseconds. That's an entirely new ballgame for storage performance, and I'm drooling at the thought of how much my virtual machine wrangling would benefit from such a storage backend. Regular Joes need not apply, though.

Intel didn't reveal pricing for the new drives and we haven't seen them at e-tail yet. We can, however, do some back-of-the-envelope math. Newegg has the 960-GB Optane SSD 905P for $1200. Assuming linear scaling, that would put the new 1.5-TB version at around $1800. Likewise, since the 480-GB U.2 unit sells for $550, we figure that the 960-GB take on that form factor should command somewhere around $1100, while the 1.5-TB version should go for $1750. We'll see whether those predictions hold when these new drives hit virtual shelves.

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