Ryu asks: How to combat moire in 3D graphics?

I was playing around with this demo this evening. I noticed that at certain angles, that in the far distance, my GeForce3 was displaying moire in the texture with anisotropic filtering applied. I know there have been controversies over morie appearing in 3D games with anisotropic filtering. In particular, the RADEON series seems to suffer from this problem more than NVIDIA cards, possibly because ATI's chips can't apply trilinear filtering when anisotropic is enabled. There is also the original hardware issue with the RADEON that resulted in image quality difficulties with ansiotropic filtering.

I've heard of a variety ways of moving this moire effect out of view, including the use of mip-map LOD adjustments and heavier applications of anisotropic filtering. The question I have is: what is the best way of removing moire artifacts from 3D imagery? Is there a particular filtering technique that hasn't made it into consumer-level 3D cards? Or does one have to use a combination of techniques remove such artifacts?

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