Have it your way with Cooler Master's two-faced MP860 mouse pad

A mousepad isn't often an item that requires all that much thought for the average user. Some folks, like myself, are more particular and prefer a specific type of surface that's more or less grippy depending on one's mousing habits. If you can't decide on whether you want your pad rough or slick, Cooler Master's two-faced Masteraccessory MP860 may be the right item for you.

The MP860's claim to fame is its pair of distinct mousing surfaces . One of the pad's sides is coated in fabric that Cooler Master says is good for fast mouse movements, while the other is made of pretty, shiny aluminum that ought to be suited for fine control. Either side has a chamfered edge that could help prevent the usual fraying we've all become accustomed to with regular pads.

Side A, where the single is...

That's not the extent of the MP860's abilities, though. Sandwiched between the pad's faces sits an RGB-LED-lit rim that can be set to any color and with a number of lighting effects. The border around the Cooler Master logo that sits on the top right corner of each side is likewise blinkenlit. Cooler Master says the MP860's lighting can be synchronized with its other rainbow-lit peripherals, too.

... and side B, where there's often a great song that no-one cares about

We actually have one of these in the TR labs, so stay tuned for a deeper look at it. The pad measures 14.2" by 10.2", and it's a little fat at 0.24" (0.4" at the thickest point, or 6 to 10 mm). It's bound to stay put no matter what happens, though, as it weighs around 1.7 lbs (780 g). Cooler Master says the Masteraccessory MP860 should be available today in the US of A for $70, or 80€ in Europe.

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