Oculus Quest turns standalone VR inside-out for $399

Oculus has long offered a way for budding VR users to dip a toe into virtual worlds with its Go headset, but that pair of goggles offers only rudimentary tracking mechanisms and control of virtual environments. At its Oculus Connect 5 conference today, the company bridged the gap between the Go and the Rift with the Quest headset. The Quest is a standalone visor that offers inside-out tracking, the full range of Touch hand controls, and a new twist from Oculus hardware: the potential to go beyond single-room virtual experiences thanks to Insight, a technology that the company says allows its Guardian barriers to handle multiple rooms.

Inside the Quest, VR-nauts will find the same 3200x1440 screen that runs the show in the Oculus Go. The Quest includes a lens-spacing adjustment to achieve the best possible optical performance, though. The company says it also worked to improve the Quest's built-in audio for an immersive sound with deeper bass. If the Oculus VR experience has you hooked, but you don't want the hassle of setting up a fully PC-powered VR system, the Quest will offer 64 GB of storage and compatibility with over 50 titles at launch for $399 when it launches in spring 2019.

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