Razer Sila router slithers into view with mesh networking capability

Not content with making green-on-black mice, keyboards, headsets, and random sundries, Razer is turning its fangs towards home networking. The company's let the sleek-looking Razer Sila router out of its cage, all set with mesh networking capability and a gazillion antennas.

The Razer Sila has a total of nine antennas, three Ethernet ports for devices, and supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi at speeds up to 1734 Mbps. The router supports the whole shebang of recent Wi-Fi features including MU-MIMO, beam-forming, and band steering. Just in case those nine antennas aren't enough for covering the entirety of your abode in wireless signal goodness, you can create a mesh network with additional Silas that connect using a dedicated backhaul.

Razer touts the Sila's FasTrack QoS functionality and says it uses deep packet inspection (DPI) and "adaptive learning" to do its thing. FasTrack should automatically detect traffic from PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles and can be further configured with the Sila's companion phone app.

The Razer Sila should be available today for $250 in the 'States and 300€ in Europe, though it's currently not showing up at e-tail and it's still listed as out of stock at Razer's site. We expect that it'll be available for order soon.

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