Tuesday deals: an RX 570 8 GB for $170 and more

How are you doing, folks? I'm sure that by now you've evaluated Intel's ninth-generation Core lineup and are probably doing the math for an upgrade. Have no fear, TR will be here to let you know whether the new chips are worth it. In the meantime, there's good deals to be had. We hunted high and low for these, check them out.

  • Graphics card prices have mostly dropped like rocks to pre-mining-insanity levels, making this a good time as any for that upgrade or new build. The pixel-pusher we have on display today is the MSI RX 570 8 GB Armor. This card doesn't offer much in the way of frills, but it has all the required trim: two generously sized fans sitting atop a meaty heatsink, along with a 1244 MHz boost clock. You can currently have it for $189.99 from Newegg, and there's a $20 rebate card available. You also get a free AMD game pack with the well-reviewed Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Strange Brigade, and Star Control: Origins.

  • We could call today's theme the mid-range build, and here's the RAM for that. Newegg is offering individual G.Skill Aegis 8-GB DIMMs clocked at 2666 MT/s for just $55.99 apiece. Grab two of them, and suddenly you have a dual-channel setup with 16 GB of RAM for a mere $111.98 total. Dang, that's cheap.

  • You ordered an SSD, madam? Here's your Crucial MX500 1-TB drive. This is both a perennial presence in our deals posts and one of our favorite drives of the moment. Newegg's selling it for just $149.99 with the cart code EMCEPPY36, an amount that works out to just 15 cents a gigabyte.

  • Friends don't let friends use garbage, no-name power supplies. Instead, see this EVGA Supernova 850 G3 unit we have right here. It's rated 80 Plus Gold for efficiency, semi-passive cooling, and enough cabling for just about any build. The manufacturer also offers 12-year warranty coverage with registration, and the asking price is $89.99 at Newegg. There's a $10 rebate card available, too. Also, in case your machine's power needs are more modest, the EVGA Supernova 550 G3 can be had for only $53.99 with the cart code EVGAPSUSEP.

  • I'm sure that you've suffered the woes of infuriating, murder-inducing spotty Wi-Fi coverage at least once. You can ensure that doesn't happen in your abode with the TP-Link AC1750 router. This dual-band jobbie should push 450 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 1300 Mbps on the 5-GHz segment and has four Ethernet ports for wired machines around the back. This bit of kit is solid and well-reviewed, and Amazon's selling it for the pittance of $52.30 with the on-page coupon.

  • The last item today is the most dear, but it's worth it. The LG 27MU88-W is a 27" monitor with a resolution of 3840×2160. Its 10-bit (8-bit + AFRC) panel has a maximum brightness of 350 cd/m² and should cover 99% of the sRGB space. There's USB-C connectivity on tap, a USB hub, and the included stand has height, tilt, and pivot adjustments. Take it home for $439.99 from Newegg.

That's all for today, folks! There's a chance you're looking for something we haven't covered. If that's the case, you can help The Tech Report by using the following referral links when you're out shopping: not only do we have a partnership with Newegg and Amazon, but we also work with Best Buy, Adorama, RakutenWalmart, and Sam's Club. For more specific needs, you can also shop with our links at Das Keyboard's shop.

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    • not@home
    • 1 year ago

    Is a RX570 8GB fast enough to use with a 4k monitor? I might upgrade my 7870. Too bad Nvidia does not support freesync. If they did I would go green.

      • DPete27
      • 1 year ago

      It is if you’re playing >6 year old games or no games at all.

      In all seriousness. No, I wouldn’t choose an RX570 for a 4k monitor. That’s Vega56/64 territory. Sure, you can turn down video settings (**most/all review sites test their games at high/ultra settings**) but it’s hard to believe you’ll be playing today’s AAA games with playable frame rates @ 4k on an RX570.

      The RX570 is a solid card for 1080p gaming.

        • jihadjoe
        • 1 year ago

        IMO Vega 56/64 are 1440P cards.

        4k needs 1080ti or RTX2080, and those two cards barely eke out 60fps in a lot of titles.

    • Sargent Duck
    • 1 year ago

    I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t need a 1TB SSD

      • JustAnEngineer
      • 1 year ago

      Of course not!

      • SirReptitious
      • 1 year ago

      Yes, you need a 2TB SSD instead! A couple of months ago I bought one of those Micron 1100 OEM drives that has been mentioned in prior deal days. When you wait for a 15% off day at Rakuten, you can get it for $245 USD( the prices changes by a few dollars). It has worked just fine so far, so I am very happy with it. So far my main use has been as a download drive for Usenet using Agent 8.0. A huge SSD is excellent for parring and unrarring huge archives while simultaneously downloading from Usenet, where as a physical HDD would be thrashing around horribly trying to do this same task. I have already filled it up and need to start backing it up to empty HDDs now. I plan to buy another one soon because I have no idea how long it will be before this batch of drives sells out.(I read that this was a one-time thing of Micron basically dumping a batch of unused OEM SSDs into the retail channel. So once they are gone, say bye-bye to cheap, 2TB, Tier 1 SSDs…)

      • morphine
      • 1 year ago

      Sit down, take a deep breath. Relax, and listen to your breathing. Keep that slow, steady rhythm going.

      Now see this clock here? Can you tell me what time it is? Good. Keep your eyes on it, each swing is timed to your breathing. You will feel your conscience fading away slightly. Let yourself get taken by it.

      Now open your wallet and smoothly remove your credit card. Using your phone, click the Buy button on that beautiful, angelical 1-TB drive. Complete the purchase. After this, your will be renewed.

    • Eversor
    • 1 year ago

    If only the GPU prices had dropped so significantly in Europe. Even RX570 4GB cards are $300 or over.

      • Acidicheartburn
      • 1 year ago

      At that price, those RX570’s better be able to overclock to 3000 MHz.

      • morphine
      • 1 year ago

      Hear, hear.

      [i<]*fumes in European*[/i<]

      • Anonymous Coward
      • 1 year ago

      Hmm, are they selling down old stock, or just feeling uncompetitive?

        • Eversor
        • 1 year ago

        Checked again and seems this is a local supply/demand issue. Amazon UK is inching closer to $200 dollars, though still higher.

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