Radeon Software 18.10.1 stands at attention for Black Ops 4

Nvidia graphics card owners aren't the only gamers getting software updates this morning. Radeon Software 18.10.1 is here, and it offers slight but welcome improvements for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 performance. RX Vega 64 owners will see as much as 5% more performance at 1920x1080 versus Radeon Software 18.9.3 with the new update, and RX 580 gamers will get up to 6% better average frame rates at 1920x1080 versus the last Radeon Software release. 18.10.1 is also the first Radeon Software release that's compatible with the Windows 10 October Update.

AMD's driver team also corrected some minor annoyances. HDMI audio drivers should reliably update with Radeon Software 18.10.1, and Fortnite players will no longer experience lighting corruption at the game's High or Epic presets. On the off chance you're upgrading your 16-core-or-greater system from Radeon Software 18.8.1, you should no longer experience a random system reboot during installation. Finally, textures should no longer flicker in Sea of Thieves when it's running on multiple graphics cards.

This release isn't without some issues of its own, of course. The Radeon Overlay might cause instability or game crashes on systems with the Windows 10 October Update. Microsoft Office applications might lag or stutter when a user drags their windows around on Radeon-powered systems, and RX Vega cards may still exhibit higher-than-expected memory clocks at idle.

Gamers who need what Radeon Software 18.10.1 offers can fire up Radeon Settings or download it directly from AMD's support website.

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