Dell Ultrasharp 49 could literally let you surf the web

There's wide, there's ultrawide, and then there's Dell's Ultrasharp 49 display, a 49", 5120x1440 beast that puts the equivalent of two 2560x1440 monitors in one expansive, curved screen. Dell uses an IPS panel with a 60-Hz refresh rate and a 5-ms response time in its "fast" mode, so it's no surprise that the company is targeting this display at productivity tasks where information density is paramount.

The Ultrasharp 49 (or U4919DW if you prefer your salad alphanumeric) could also be handy for color-critical work, thanks to its factory calibration to a delta-E of less than two and 99% sRGB coverage. Dell also includes a USB Type-C port for single-cable pixel and power transfer with compatible devices. The U4919DW can further accept two HDMI 2.0 inputs and a traditional DisplayPort 1.4 input, and it has five USB ports on board for peripheral connectivity.

Dell rounds out the Ultrasharp 49 with a height-, tilt-, and swivel-adjustable stand. Folks who love monitor-integrated speakers will be left wanting by this display, however. If ultrawide just isn't wide enough for you, the U4919DW will be available in the USA starting October 26 for $1700.

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