HyperX Alloy Core RGB keyboard goes for stylish affordability

We usually talk up heavy-duty keyboards with metal chassis that are probably heavy and durable enough to use as an impromptu murder weapon. Not every single key clacker needs that much endurance, though, and heirloom quality and durability don't necessarily come cheap. For those who just want a decent, stylish keyboard for not a lot of scratch, HyperX has the Alloy Core RGB.

The Core uses membrane-switch keys sitting atop a plastic shell. The keyboard's lines are sleek and the font is subdued. Those two characteristics should let the Core blend in on most desks, blinkenlights notwithstanding. HyperX says you can spill 120 ml of liquid (4.1 fl oz) on the Core without major concern, too.

There's a full set of media keys, as well as a keyboard-lock shortcut that might come in handy for locking a system without needing to put it to sleep. The onboard RGB LED lighting comes with six presets, and the Core has five zones of customization to work with. According to HyperX, the Core has the typical-for-USB-peripherals 1000-Hz report rate and "multi-key anti-ghosting" for reliable input of frantic key presses.

The HyperX Alloy Core RGB will be in stores on November 12 for the rather-affordable amount of $50. Interested buyers can preorder one from Amazon right away.

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