be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 promises stealthy Threadripper air cooling

AMD's own in-the-box heatsink bracket for Threadripper CPUs might encourage builders with those chips to go with a liquid cooler, but a growing number of air-cooled options for those chips means that the liquid-cooler mounting ring can stay in the box. be quiet!'s Dark Rock Pro TR4 appears set to give Threadripper builders another massive and classy air-cooling option for their Socket TR4 chips.

The Dark Rock Pro TR4 joins two towers of fins together using seven heat pipes running through a full-coverage base plate. Between those fin stacks, the company inserts one of its Silent Wings 3 135-mm fans, augmented by another 120-mm spinner on the outside of the tower. With maximum rotational speeds of 1200 RPM for the internal fan and 1500 RPM for the outer spinner, this cooler seems poised to live up to its maker's name.

To ease installation, be quiet! says the Dark Rock Pro TR4 has cut-outs in its fin stacks to accommodate memory modules, and it further says that the installation of the cooler's mounting system can be accomplished from the top down using the included screwdriver. As with many of its other coolers, the company conceals the Dark Rock Pro TR4's naughty bits using a brushed-aluminum top cover with matching caps for the ends of the tower's heat pipes. be quiet! says the Dark Rock Pro TR4 is available now for $89.90.

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