Intel denies report claiming that it "killed off" its 10-nm process

A bombshell report from Charlie Demerjian at SemiAccurate this morning claims that Intel has stopped work on its long-delayed and long-beleaguered 10-nm production process. SemiAccurate is presently down, but the report was apparently troublesome enough that Intel felt the need to weigh in on Demerjian's claims by way of its official Twitter account.

For its part, the company says that 10-nm is alive (if not yet well). The company's tweet asserts that "[w]e are making good progress on 10nm. Yields are improving consistent with the timeline we shared during our last earnings report." If that's the case, the company would begin shipping 10-nm silicon in the holiday season of 2019.

As SemiAccurate only releases full articles to subscribers, we can't assess the breadth or depth of Demerjian's sourcing. Intel would be in seriously hot water with regulators if it stated an outright falsehood that could materially affect the value of its stock, however, so we doubt the company is blowing smoke in response to this report.

Past statements by Intel have suggested that the work involved in getting 10-nm silicon working is necessary for its foundries to make the subsequent leap to 7-nm fabrication, as well, so it seems unlikely that the company is simply abandoning its 10-nm plans entirely. Presuming Intel is telling the truth, we'll just have to wait and see what form 10-nm silicon takes if or when it finally comes to market.

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