PC Perspective's Ryan Shrout joins Intel as chief performance strategist

In a bit of PC hardware media news, PC Perspective head honcho Ryan Shrout has announced that he is leaving his role as owner and Editor-in-Chief of that site to join Intel as its chief performance strategist. Shrout says that "in this capacity, [he] will help influence and drive performance leadership across Intel's product portfolio."

Shrout founded PC Perspective as K7M.com in 1999 and proceeded to grow it into one of the leading independent voices in the space, and among his other accomplishments, he was one of the key proponents of frame-time benchmarking for GPU performance (along with TR's former Editor-in-Chief Scott Wasson, now of AMD).

I've spent many an evening at vendor events hanging out with, learning from, and debating with Ryan on a wide range of PC performance topics, and I have no doubt that he will prove a valuable asset to Intel in charting the course of its future products.

In his Twitter thread announcing the move, Shrout says he will be able to discuss the responsibilities of his new role in greater depth in "a week or two," so we look forward to hearing more about what his new position will entail. In the meantime, congratulations to Ryan and best of luck to him and the PC Perspective team as they part ways. 

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