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Well, it took me a while to get it into my thick skull, but I'm finally going to start taking donations for TR. Don't worry; we're not in dire straits financially. Or, I should say, no worse than usual. We've been running the site on a shoestring, at a loss, for a good while now, and we have no plans to give it up. We do make enough money off advertising to cover most of our costs, and we love doing it.

But it's becoming clear that, even with hundreds of thousands of readers each month, we're not going to be able to fund everything we'd like to do with the site. All of us work full-time jobs except Dissonance, who works a part time job while he's finishing up his undergrad. We keep TR going by putting our own time and money into it. A lousy economy and our stubborn tendency to spend our time writing articles rather than making sales calls have conspired to keep our revenues low.

I have zero desire to make TR a subscription affair, but if you would like to support what we're doing here, we'll accept a donation. We may yet figure out how to run this thing as a successful business, but it's never been about that anyway. I believe our position as an intelligent, independent resource for reviews and analysis is worthy of your support. I know a lot of you guys have asked what you could do to help over the past year or so as the 'net economy crumbled. Now you have a decent way of helping us out.

To those of you (you know who you are) who read something like our massive chipset comparo, with benchmarks of seven chipsets in nine different configurations, and immediately start writing to ask why we didn't do this or test that: we probably couldn't include your pet test or favorite product because we didn't have the resources. If enough of you folks decide to support the site with a contribution, we'll be able to create even more comprehensive reviews next time out. (Note, though, that donations are strictly "no strings attached." We don't do requests for money. Unless we're talking a whole bag o' wampum.)

We've chosen Amazon's Honor System as our payment system because it's simple, fast, secure, and 100% private. We don't even find out who's donated money unless you want us to. Just click through the paybox thingy below in order to donate. Also, we've added PayPal as an option for those of you who prefer it.

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The paybox will remain over there in the right-hand column of the front page, as well.

Any donation over $15 will get you a year of access to a contributors' only forum. Just make sure you pick the option to notify us when you make your contribution. Failing that, just e-mail me with the time, date, and amount of your contribution, and I'll confirm it. Either way, drop me some e-mail with your forum ID so I can give you access. I'm also open to other ideas about extras we can provide for contributors, so long as providing them doesn't hurt too much.

And if the donation thing doesn't work for you, you could always buy a shirt or a mug.

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