In the lab: Corsair's K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Rapidfire gaming keyboard

Jeff took a look at Corsair's updated K70 RGB Rapidfire gaming keyboard earlier this year, but Corsair isn't done building on its K70 platform. The company recently announced that it has partnered with Cherry to bring the world the first keyboard with Cherry's new Low Profile (LP) switches. Corsair was kind enough to send one of these bad boys our way to test out. 

It'd be easy to mistake this keyboard for a regular K70 MK.2. The primary visual giveaway is the presence of low-profile keycaps. The only other surface-level visual marker between this low-profile deck and its full-height siblings is a refreshed USB connector shroud. 

The new Cherry switches are the star of the show, of course. These LP switches have a total travel distance of 3.2 mm, as opposed to the 4-mm total travel of Cherry's MX switches. This particular keyboard has been endowed with the Rapidfire moniker reserved for Corsair boards with Cherry Speed switches. The clicker company has made some special LP Speed switches exclusively for Corsair, and they require less initial force and have a slightly shorter pre-travel distance compared to LP Red switches. I'm gathering my thoughts and editing pictures of this board for a full-blown review, so keep your eyes peeled.

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