Updated: Apple touts upcoming Radeon Pro Vega option for MacBook Pros

Apple's event in New York City is ongoing as I write this, and a new MacBook Air and a new Mac Mini have both debuted. We'll be covering those as soon as we can, but I wanted to specifically point out an interesting tidbit of news that might have passed by in an instant on stage. In its press release for the new MacBook Air, the company also noted that some form of Radeon Pro Vega graphics processor is coming to its MacBook Pros as an option "next month."

Source: AMD

Thing is, the only notebook-friendly discrete Vega part that AMD has announced so far—or teased, really—is the Vega Mobile GPU it showed at CES earlier this year. That package integrates a single stack of HBM2 RAM alongside its pixel-pusher. We still don't know much, if anything, concrete about Vega Mobile many months after AMD introduced it, but the company promised "high frame rate AAA gaming in compact form factors," as well as low power usage, low Z-height, a small footprint, and VR-readiness.

UPDATE: On its YouTube channel, AMD confirmed that two Vega Mobile graphics processors are coming to MacBook Pros: the Radeon Pro Vega 16 and the Radeon Pro Vega 20. We're digging for more details and will update this post as we get them.

Source: AMD

Z-height and footprint are two areas that tend to mark Apple-first products from AMD, in our experience, so perhaps it's not so surprising that Vega Mobile is making its debut in MacBook Pros. We'll be keeping an eye on those machines to see whether they do, in fact, get Vega Mobile parts and how much they add to the cost of a given machine as soon as we can find out.

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