Apple Mac Mini rises from the grave with updated everything

Today's Apple event is ongoing as we speak, and the company is releasing a slate of new Mac and iPad products. One of them is a spankin' new Mac Mini with fully revamped internals. The existing model was so long in the tooth as to be considered borderline irrelevant, but the upgraded machine might make up for it by packing quite the punch inside its slim dimensions.

CPU choices now start at quad-core Intel eighth-gen Core processors, and six-core options will also be available. In a pleasant surprise, buyers can pack in as much as 64 GB of 2666 MT/s memory in the machine's user-accessible SO-DIMM slots. Every Mac Mini now comes with flash storage by default and can be specced with SSDs as large as 2 TB.

Considering how much Apple loves to eliminate any sort of port that might be called "legacy," it's a bit of a surprise to look behind the new Mac Mini and find four Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB Type-A ports, an HDMI 2.0 output, and an Ethernet port with an option for 10-Gb connectivity. Despite all the hardware that's packed into this enclosure, the external dimensions remain the same as the old Mini. The enclosure is now dark gray, too, or Space Gray in Apple parlance.

Potential buyers appraising this potent, petite powerhouse can get theirs for a $799 starting price. Apple says the machines can be ordered right away and will be in customers' hands on November 7.

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