Friday night topic: The Olympics

Everyone's been suggesting some kind of topic related to the winter games in Salt Lake, but I'm not sure I have a single, coherent topic to present. There are some interesting questions about the judging controversy that ended up in the lame result of two pairs of gold medals being awarded. Then there's the fanastic upset in women's figure skating last night, which has gotta help restore some faith in judging. (Yeah, I admit: I watched some of it, and Sara Whatsherface was amazing and superhuman and deserved the gold.) That's kind of interesting.

But is figure skating really a sport?

I know some things are real sports, like Skeleton. I can't believe those folks make it down the course time and time again. I figured we'd be seeing a lot of "Ooh, that would hurt if he could feel his legs," but apparently not.

Anyhow, I'll keep the topic vague tonight. Talk amongst yourselves.

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