Micron 12-Gb LPDDR4X RAM promises higher mobile performance and capacity

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets often come with enough RAM to rival desktop PCs these days, but capacity isn't the sole measure of performance by any stretch. Mobile data rates are poised to skyrocket with 5G connectivity, and the applications that connectivity could enable may prove more and more demanding on devices' memory subsystems. Even today, imaging subsystems and AI workloads demand high-performance memory hierarchies.

To help cope with these demands, Micron is introducing what it calls its first monolithic 12-Gb (1.5 GB) LPDDR4X chip for use in mobile devices. Micron says the 12-Gb LPDDR4X packages will be produced on a 10-nm-class process for improved efficiency and lower power consumption. The company says this memory reduces power draw by as much as 10% compared to its previous-generation products while operating at a data rate of 4266 Mb/s. Finally, the density of these chips could allow for higher overall memory capacity in handsets.

Micron says this new memory is available today, so if you're a mobile device designer and want to take advantage, give the company a ring.

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