Das Keyboard 4Q updates a classic design with cloud smarts

Das Keyboard made its name with no-nonsense mechanical clickers whose quality could be felt with every key stroke, but a wide range of modern high-end keyboards make mechanical switches table stakes. The company has since introduced the Q software platform for lighting control and web-powered intelligent notifications, and the classic Das Keyboard 4 Professional design now boasts compatibility with that utility.

The Das Keyboard 4Q blends cloud brains with classic Cherry MX Brown switches for a tactile, non-clicky typing experience, or MX Blues for keystrokes that can be felt and heard. Each key has programmable RGB LED backlighting that can be connected to other web APIs to display information like stock price movement or weather forecast data. The Q utility can also be used to hook up the 4Q to compatible IoT devices to control smart lighting and thermostats, among other smart gear. If that's not enough control, Das Keyboard exposes a REST API for Q-enabled keyboards to let users develop their own extensions for the utility.

Smarts aside, the 4Q looks both sturdy and functional. Das Keyboard caps off the case of this deck with an anodized aluminum top panel, and dedicated media buttons provide quick control over play, pause, next track, and volume functions. N-key rollover and a two-port USB 2.0 hub round out the 4Q's features. If a smart, sturdy board with understated styling appeals to you, the 4Q is available now for $199 from Das Keyboard's shop.

Tip: You can use the A/Z keys to walk threads.
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